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Disk Storage

Disk based data storage solutions are ever changing and have evolved from non-intelligent internal storage to intelligent networked storage.  We are partnered with leading manufacturers of disk storage to offer solutions ranging from the entry level to the high end data center class.  Each option has its own key benefits.  Call today to customize a solution that will best fit your needs.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

NAS devices have become a staple piece of network equipment. A NAS can provide data storage and sharing abilities across a network, but more importantly, they can also include both backup and data recovery options, as well as application add-ons. 
NAS products offer a platform to build a complete end to end data storage and protection solution that will meet your company needs.

Direct Attached Storage

DAS for data archiving differ from NAS solutions significantly. Where NAS solutions provide the ability for heterogeneous clients to easily connect over the local area network and store and retrieve files, Direct Attach Libraries are connected directly to a computer or server.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

SAN is a high speed network of storage devices which can include Tape libraries and Disk based devices. Because SAN removes the storage from the servers, it tends to improve storage utilization. SAN’s can offer better flexibility, availability, performance, as well as storage utilization.

Disk Backup & Deduplication

Disk Backup with Data Deduplication has revolutionized the data center, improving data protection, security, and storage costs. The purpose of data deduplication is to increase the amount of imformation that can be stored on disk arrays and to increase the effective amount of data that can be transmitted over networks.

Magneto Optical, Bluray, DVD Libraries

Built to last, Optical media libraries protect critical data while maintaining the ability to expand to accommodate additional storage growth as needed. From desktop stand alone drives to NAS embedded enterprise libraries providing Terabytes of storage on a transportable universally readable media type that meets data retention and security requirements for many laws including SEC 17a-4, Sarbanes-Ocley, and HIPAA.