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The FUJIFILM DC Analyser adds security and reliability to your LTO tape backup system.

In today’s information society, enterprises must consider how to make their data-tape backup systems more reliable and secure. Till now, there has been no real way of assessing the condition of backup tapes, so users have been at risk of unavoidable backup troubles. The Fujifilm DC Analyser can prevent backup troubles by providing LTO tape diagnostics. Simply install the software, connect to a computer, and the Analyser is ready to start.

Offers quick and easy on-site tape diagnostics anywhere

Begin analysing tapes right away simply by connecting the DC Analyser to a computer. After placing an LTO tape on the DC Analyser, the data will be read in about 7 to 10 seconds.
The DC Analyser can read the barcode and CM simultaneously, allowing it to associate and save the CM information with the barcode information.

Features precise, easy-to-understand tape diagnostic functions

The CM’s mount history holds no more than four history entries, but the DC Analyser’s database can store up to 18 mount history entries for each LTO tape. This allows precise diagnostics by reviewing the tape’s condition over the last 18 usages.

Based on FUJIFILM’s wealth of experience as a tape manufacturer, the DC analyzer analyses data and diagnoses LTO tape cartridge. It presents the results to storage administrators in clear and understandable messages. By accumulating data on analyzed tapes, the DC Analyser judges whether the tape or the drive is the source of error, and indicates the result with easy-to-understand messages.

Various Analysis Functions

The software package has a function for listing tape diagnostic results in an Excel spreadsheet and a contextual search function to find specific tapes or drives.

Technical Data

Parameter Unit Specifications
Overall dimensions mm 112 x 252 x 80 mm
Weight g 310g
Operating conditions °C Temperature: 5 – 45°C Humidity: 5 – 95%
Operating syste Windows XP / Vista
Convenient Carry Case

We also offer a compact and light carry case for the DC Analyser – protects DC Analyser from shock.