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VS HS500700



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Rugged Transport Case
Custom fit for the following VS models:
SV91M SKU#ZZ009176
V91 DLT/LTO SKU#ZZ009161
These sturdy black and silver Transport cases provide a safe way to store and ship your data destruction equipment. Designed for multiple transportation cycles, these cases are uniquely designed to have uniform wall strength and thick, reinforced corners. Strong butterfly latch enclosures means your equipment is secure inside.
These cases provide a convenient way to secure equipment for shipping or storage. Their rugged construction means no additional internal or external packaging is necessary, when used for the model of degausser or destroyer in which they were designed for.
Packed Dimensions
23.5”x30”x15.5” (60x77x40cm)
Packed Weight
(includes degausser)
94.8bs (43kg)